The Team


Hayley Haslam

House Manager (global) and Executive Assistant

Hayley manages the administrative aspects of the family office, HATDeX and is Professor Ng’s Executive Assistant.

Shong Jay Shen-1.jpg

Jason Shong

Group CFO

Jason manages the Accounting, Finance and Tax matters of the Family Office as well as HATDeX.

Julie Manniche

Catering (Cambridge)

Julie manages the catering for social events at the Cottages


Raimonda Pangoniene

Housekeeping (Cambridge)

Raimonda manages the day to day household matters of the Cottages.


Dave Martin

Grounds and Maintenance (Cambridge)

Dave does general maintenance work as well as tend to the garden.


Elin Ng

Housekeeping (Kuala Lumpur)

Elin manages the day to day household matters of Awanapuri