Innovorsa’s startups and entrepreneurs enjoy the following services across the family’s group of companies

  • Administrative and HR

  • Bookkeeping and finance

  • Legal advice

  • Business/Economic Models advice

  • Co-working space and accommodation

  • Synergies across the group of companies in US, UK and Malaysia


Innovorsa’s facilities in Cambridge is a 5 bedroom property with 6 co-working spaces, a meeting room, a dining room for formal luncheons, outdoor bbq area, and an orangery for seminars, all set within an acre of garden.


  • Seminar room (orangery) £50 per 4 hr event

  • Garden £100 per 4 hr event

  • Outdoor kitchen/bar/patio – when staffed £100 per 4 hr event

  • B&B (rooms) £35 per night


Kuala Lumpur

Innovorsa’s facilities in Kuala Lumpur is a 4500 sq.ft. office space in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Eco-city Mall consisting of a hall, private meeting rooms, co-working desks, private offices and a cafe area, as well as 2 apartments with 5 bedrooms at Awanapuri, Cheras, KL within and easy commute to the co-working space


  • 2 bedroom apartment at Awanapuri C-15-2 in Kuala Lumpur: RM100 per night

  • Single bedroom in co-living apartment at Awanapuri C-15-1 or C-15-2: RM50 per night 

  • Double bedroom in co-living apartment at Awanapuri C-15-1 or C-15-2: RM70 per night

  • Co-working space at Triune KL Ecocity office: free for Innovorsa startups if visits do not last longer than 1 month. Otherwise, RM400 per month